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With PEDAL PLAYER you can finally control - directly from the front of the stage - your audio backing tracks, clicks, Projectors, multi-effects, lyrics, music scores and everything you need to improve your Live Performance in an easy and immediate way!


The first PLAYER foot controlled that plays two STEREO Audio Tracks synchronized - thanks to its internal Dual Player engine - together with other media contents of the song.


You can create your own PLAYLIST with different SONGS for every kind of concert or event, use the Skip and Repeat functions in your medley.


Through the Pedal Player Music Software (PMS) you can pre-program your Android devices (for example a TABLET PC) and display your Lyrics or Music Scores through the Android Pedal Player Application (APPA), which will control the programmed time-events of the song during your live means you do not have to change manually the page anymore and free-play your instrument! In case you still need to change your media contents manually there is the Page Changer that will allow you to make the actions still in manual mode.


With the embedded Wi-Fi Network of Pedal Player you can also synchronize automatically your media contents like HD Videos or Images to  external Android devices (smart Monitor or Projector), and enrich your event with an unique show!


In addition, with the MIDI out port and the MIDI BOX Interface, Pedal Player is also a MIDI Controller Machine, which allows you to program in real time the sounds of your music equipment (multi-effects for guitar or vocals, keyboards, Sound Modules) and recalls them automatically during your Live performance!  It means you don't need to do it manually anymore, and be free to run over the stage without any constrains!


The integrated METRONOME with adjustable bpm and timing allow you or your band to play with different Click sound samples (you can also import from your preferred library sounds), storable and linked to each song in each playlist.


A-B LOOPER mode also offers the possibility to select - in an extremely easy and intuitive way - parts of a song in order to better study your instrument and consequently to better prepare your concert!


​With its simple design, Pedal Player is the best professional solution, reliable and with a great quality/price ratio for your best performance!


Just upload your Pedal Player with all your backing tracks and start playing...
...and don't think about nothing else!

The Project

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