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I was born in 1973 and since the very beginning (5 years old) I got piano lessons addressing my hobbies toward the classical music, I have started also to play the acoustic guitar as autodidactic with the old LP records and the family's cassettes.
The influence of the american music has involved me so much so I decided in 1997 to found The Bandit, one of the Eagles's Tribute Band more famous in north Italy and with a vocal impact very appreciated.
Lead Vocal and Guitars in several cover and tribute bands like: The Bandit (Eagles&America), Bloody Mary (Rock), Candymen (Toto) and Dune Buggy Band (Bud Spencer&Terence Hill soundtracks).
I have started to write and to record songs in my home studio, completely realized by me (voice, guitars, drums, piano, mixing, etc...) starting with my personal project.
Now I'm the owner of the new Company
POOM! Music Labs expert in Music Entertainment innovation Systems.​




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